Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters

At Gandhi Automations, we take pride in offering top-quality rolling shutters that deliver security, durability, and convenience. As the oldest and largest manufacturer of rolling shutters in India, we have installed more shutters than anyone else in the country. We are also the largest exporter of rolling shutters from India and are certified as a Star Export House. Our extensive experience ensures that you receive the best products and services available.

  • Types of Rolling Shutters We Offer

Manual Rolling Shutters: Our manual shutters are strong and reliable, making them ideal for small openings or locations without power. They are easy to use and provide excellent security.

Automatic Rolling Shutters: Our automatic shutters simplify operations with the push of a button, allowing you to easily open or close them. They are high-tech, highly secure, and user-friendly.

Fire-rated Rolling ShuttersSafety is paramount. Our fire-rated shutters are designed to withstand high heat and prevent the spread of fire, protecting your property when it matters most. These shutters are certified and tested by CBRI and hold Certifire and IIT certifications, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards.

Insulated Rolling Shutters: Our insulated shutters conserve energy by maintaining steady indoor temperatures, lowering energy costs, and reducing noise. They are ideal for both homes and businesses.

Transparent Rolling Shutters: Our transparent rolling shutters provide security while allowing visibility and natural light to pass through. They are ideal for storefronts and locations where aesthetics is important without compromising protection.

  • Types of Material: We offer rolling shutters and rolling grills made from a variety of high-quality materials to suit different needs and applications, including Mild Steel (MS), Galvalume, Galvanized Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Transparent Polycarbonate

Why Choose Gandhi Automations?

Industry Leader: We are the oldest manufacturer of rolling shutters in India, with unmatched experience.

High Production Capacity: Our factory can produce over 1,000 shutters each month, thanks to our skilled engineers and technicians.

Certified Quality: Our shutters meet IS6428 standards and are equipped with CE Certified European operators. They include safety features such as safety brakes and double circuit limit switches, meeting EN 13241-1 standards.

Low Maintenance: Our shutters are designed to require minimal upkeep and are built to last.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We offer a wide range of shutters at competitive prices, without compromising on quality.

Trusted Exporter: As the largest rolling shutter exporter from India, our products meet international standards. We are proud to be certified as a Star Export House Company by the Government of India.

  • Applications

Our rolling shutters are versatile and effective in various settings:

 Residential: Enhance the security and appearance of your home.

Commercial: Safeguard your business while maintaining a professional look.

Industrial: Provide robust security for large facilities and warehouses.

Rolling Shutters
Rolling Shutters
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