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The VSTDL - Vertical Storing Telescopic Lip Dock Leveler model has a movable telescopic lip of up to 500mm in length, which provides a larger contact area between the vehicle bed and dock leveler.

This dock leveler is known for its energy savings, conformity to cleanliness routines, sanitization and safety as well as cost efficiency. These are utilized in applications such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, climate-controlled facilities and offer great value in any application where these characteristics are desired at a superior level.

This model allows the sectional overhead doors to completely close down on to the pit (loading dock) floor, which provides the most optimum sealing.

The telescopic lip of this model provides additional benefits when compared to traditional lip leveler. In situations where the container is filled up to its maximum capacity, there may be a risk of product damage if traditional lip leveler is used. The telescopic lip leveler ensures added protection through its precise lip technology and eliminates such damages.

Other features such as sensors on the dock platform and lip, obviates the need of any mechanical limit switches, furthering the product life

Model Platform Width Platform Length LIP Length PIT Width PIT Height
VSTDL  2115 2100 1500 500 2270 310
VSTDL  2121 2100 2100 500 2270 310



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