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Dock shelters protect your goods and staff during the loading and unloading process, keeping them warm and sheltered so that they remain healthy and happy as they work – shelters also help you to cut down on energy costs with a reduced heating bill. If combined with a dock leveler, Gandhi dock shelters allow you to cut out the need for complex canopies and ramp assemblies, which will save you time, effort, and excess costs.

Gandhi Automations offers a complete variety of Dock Shelters available for all kind of usage and situation from the outside cold conditions or the chilled ones from outside heat and also from shower, breeze, snow and dirt.

Don’t Overlook These Advantages Of Dock Shelters

  • Prevent your goods picking up dirt
  • Protect from the adverse effects of inclement weather
  • Save energy – and money
  • Minimise worker illness
  • Maintain optimum working conditions
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