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Dock House is a self-contained loading bay which is installed in front of the building providing energy efficiency, contributing to hygiene, safety and is space-saving. This means that the actual building does not have to undergo any expensive structural alterations. Dock Houses do not take up valuable internal space of the building and forms a complete loading house that is ideal for ambient and temperature controlled buildings. The design and layout can be adapted to suit the requirements of the site.

Dock Houses are used in the following situations :

  • When the manoeuvring space for trucks is insufficient to allow them to dock at a 90ยบ angle.
  • When extending or converting existing buildings.
  • When Dock Levelers have to be positioned outside the building in order to avoid thermal bridges.

Dock House is made up of following components:

  • Dock Leveler
  • Dock Shelter
  • Sectional Overhead Door
  • Roof and Side comprise a sturdy steel frame construction which is clad with double-skinned steel puf panels.



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